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Q. Can I customize my meal plan?


A. Meal plans can only be customized due to religious and allergy reasons. To customize an order under these conditions, speak with a live chat representative before placing online order.


Q. Am I eating the same thing?


A. Yes. With traditional meal prepping, most people do all their cooking for the week typically on a Sunday. They make some plain boring chicken, brown rice, and broccoli. They get tired of eating the same bland food on the daily and quit meal prepping, never reaching their fitness goals. We are a meal prep company so you will be enjoying the same meal but we know that, so we make sure every meal is so unique and delicious that you look forward to eating it again until you reach your fitness goals!

Q. How do I get the meals?


We have pick up and delivery options. You can pick up at one of our local partnered gyms, Crystal Lake pick up location, or We Deliver straight to your door or office. $20 delivery fee. Please speak with a live chat representative before placing your order to see if you are in our delivery zone. 

Q. Should I freeze the meals?


A. We recommend the meals be consumed fresh as is for Monday to Friday. If you plan on consuming past those days, we do recommend freezing them. Place meals in the back of the refrigerator, where they will be exposed least to the outside.